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We stand behind our product, we are fully licensed and adhere to a different standard of ethics and conduct than most in the business. We are USPAP compliant and offer a money back guarantee. Our reports are court approved and are not based off any form of 17c 10% or less claim amount. We are here for you not for the insurance company.

We use Black Book, Galves, Auction Sales and Dealer IQ.

Why don’t we use KBB or NADA how other insurance companies and appraisers use? These are Retail value, updated monthly and not live. They are not used by dealers or auctions, so they are not accurate and your loss is based off of Black Book when you sell and/or trade in your car. NADA is used because it has the lowest variance, meaning the insurance companies pay less than the actual amount and is why it is used by them or Diminished value and Total Loss payouts. Also, KBB does not support most crashed vehicles that are severe and NADA does not believe diminished value exist.

“Are there any values that reflect a car’s worth after being repaired from an accident?
There is no data to support a precise value loss for damage. Because those types of values are not available, NADA guides does not recognize a diminished value.”

All of our reports come with comparable vehicles, along with sales records in most cases and damage severity charts (Depending on Severity). We were also car dealers and work with attorneys, we know exactly what the insurance company is looking for and what they will settle for. Ask any DV company if they will fight for your case, if they have attorneys that will take the case. We will.


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