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Diminished Value Estimate

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What we do vs. Others
When we prepare an estimate, we don’t use automated software. We do everything by hand so that every car and situation is looked at individually. A Diminished Value Report serves as legal proof and without it coming from an industry recognized source, the report you buy can be a worthless piece of paper. Make sure it meets the burden of proof.

Max file size is 52 MB. Upload Your Repair Report

Please fax (1.888.512.7180) or email ( us a copy of your repair estimate after you submit.


We help consumers find answers when dealing with the insurance company on Diminished Value Claims we at American Insurance Advocate Group, assist in the entire process of the Tort Law, Auto Repair and Financial depreciation and the process of making you whole again.

What is a Diminished value appraisal ?
We are one of very few companies that prepare a USPAP compliant, court approved appraisal with comparable vehicles on the market. We don’t do a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach as every car exist differently in the market depending on year, make, model, inventory of an area and condition. Even two cars with the same damage amount don’t suffer the same type of damage so we look deep into the repair report to understand every process the auto body shop performed when repairing your vehicle and we call the body shop in most instances and discuss the repairs in order to prepare your Diminished Value Appraisal.

The Diminished Value Calculator Doesn’t Exist
17c unfair, the instant automated reports most people purchase also illegal and benefit the insurance company since two frauds make a “You can’t go after me or else I will tell on you approach”. You need to do things correctly from the start.

Please note: The insurance company will not pay for a diminished value claim unless you have a diminished value appraisal that meets the burden of proof for diminished value which automated reports do not. We prepare our full service report with market comparable accident vehicles that were repaired and are for sale in order to meet the multi-prong burden of proof needed by insurance companies. A print out from an online trade in website and/or a trade in appraisal is biased and does not meet the burden of proof, since the dealer has something to gain by paying less for your vehicle.

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