There are important things to take into consideration before starting any claim.

1. Do I qualify?

2. Can I do it alone? Proof and the insurance company

3. What company do I go with?
In order to Qualify for Diminished value, the value of your car must be above $7000, mileage is a big consideration if your car has 150,000 miles but has a market value of $12,000 vs a car that has 150,000 miles and is worth $5,000. The second vehicle will be very difficult to prove a loss on but the first has a value of over $7,000 so it is much easier. So, it doesn’t matter if the repairs were $200 or $20,000 there is still diminished value, an accident is an accident on your car history report and most people will only see that the car had an accident. At fault or not at fault you still may qualify and regardless of fault it is still tax deductible. We offer Free Diminished Value Estimates and if you are not sure we can still give you advise on what to do.
The insurance company and the court system puts it on you the burden of proof to prove diminished value to them, so basically you can try to come up with a number based on what is offered to you at a car dealer or a math equation you find online but 99.9% of the time you will need to purchase a diminished value appraisal or you will get denied or simply will get a 17c offer for very small amount.

To top it off many insurance companies are now of the habit to say.
1. Diminished Value doesn’t exist
2. You have to sell your car first
3. Simply that the company does not pay for diminished value because of the policy and to take them to court.

All in an attempt to not pay you, unless you are represented by an attorney or a diminished value company.

There are 2 parts to choosing a Diminished Value company.
The Appraisal Report
The Service after the Appraisal report

We have seen it all from companies charging $10 for an automated report that has no basis to the inflated reports that use a percentage formula or the same amount for all cars.

Important Notice: Many Companies play with your emotions in order to get a quick and impulsive sale, go around and ask for 3-5 estimates from different companies before choosing a company and you will notice which companies are inflating numbers. An expert status and years of experience is no longer enough. Look at online reviews, free estimates and as much information as you can.

We have a 98% success rate on all Diminished Value Claims
We have 0 complaints in the last 14 years in business, check out our competitors. They can’t say the same. We are with you from start to finish (We do ALL the work for you).
We submit the claim for you to the insurance company. If you need help to negotiate with the other party, we help you too. We make the claim and demand letters and follow up letters if needed.
We are with you from start to finish. We don’t just give you an appraisal. We give you Peace of mind.

The top 3 companies that don’t inflate numbers and have the best track records are
Icann 2000
Diminished Value of Georgia
Petty Details

We are in no way affiliated with any of these companies and do not endorse them, it is our opinion that they are companies with accurate appraisals.