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Money Back Guarantee

Diminished Value appraisals. The intent of this guarantee is to ensure that our clients are know the information to find out from the insurance carrier before purchase in order to avoid any problems during a claims process.

Applies on third party claims only. First party claims are not covered by a refund as it is with your own insurance carrier.

Maximum refund is $49.00 if $129.00 package is purchased
There are no refunds for $59.00 package report as it is Do It Yourself Kit.

Refunds only available in FLORIDA, GEORGIA, KANSAS, LOUISIANA, MARYLAND, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH DAKOTA, TEXAS, VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON STATE and WEST VIRGINIA. All other states do not qualify as there are no laws in place that protect consumers against insurance companies excluding diminished value from contracts and it is considered “AS IS” Buyer must verify eligibility of Diminished Value with insurance company before purchase.

Must allow 120 days (4 months processing time) for submission and all possible attempts to get you a settlement, before any refunds will be allowed because state laws allow a maximum of 30 days for each response and it can take up to 4 response times to get a settlement.

If car is over 100,000 miles or over 10 years there are no guarantees and no refunds.

Previous Damage Claims known or unknown are not eligible for refund.

Claims that are over 1 year old in nature do not qualify for a refund as cases are closed and must be reopened, we cannot control if a case will be approved and/or reopened.

If you do not invoke your appraisal rights on a Total Loss or Diminished Value Claim (i.e. the appraisal clause) You have not followed reasonable pursuit of the claim; this includes filing a lawsuit and arriving at a verdict.

Refunds are offered only to personal claims and not for corporations or businesses

We cannot offer a refund if the carrier reimbursed you for the appraisal cost

We cannot guarantee that the insurer will pay our entire appraised amount

The fees for any report is not contingent upon any value reflected in the report. We reserve the right to amend the claim if there is a accidental error or omission. There is no guarantee either written or implied of a specific settlement.

All unapproved charge-backs will be treated as insurance fraud and referred to the proper authorities.

Important Notice:
Fees for services, like appraisals in this case, are only refundable if and to the extent the service provider’s
terms of services provides for a refund; there is no general right to a refund because the service did not result in the outcome the buyer wanted.

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