Every company has a different calculation at the end of the day, you get the good, bad and the ugly. The insurance companies want you to do diminished value reports based on 17c or else under auto body shop total loss amounts such as CCC which has come under scrutiny lately because of siding with insurance companies. Other diminished value appraisers use a speculative calculation in combination with fact to make the amount seem to be reinforced which is not.

What makes us different is our approach, the car sales industry is the market maker for car values and retail but we must also take into account auction values which is what dealers are willing to pay based on what is available in the market. A major contributing factor in all diminished value claim reports are comparables.

In 99% of diminished value appraisals they do not have them and ours does. We use comparables from local dealers around you. We use a combination of all these amounts and damage to your car to come up with a legally binding amount, that is not based on speculation but fact.